Laser Automation 2013 (CE - Air Caption and Dedusting)

Hurricane MK cyclone system to reduce PM emissions from a laser cutting machine of resined paper with a flow rate of 650m3/h at 20ºC.

  • This equipment is composed by 2 Hurricane cyclone with ø700mm
  • Expected pressure drop: 2.1 kPa
  • Expected emissions: < 23mg/Nm3
Laser Automation
Numerically optimized cyclones, considering particle agglomeration
Hurricane lines of cyclones can be applied in several air caption and dedusting lines to reduce emissions to under legal emission limits.
The type of problem varies a lot depending on the combination of operating conditions with relevance for the cyclone efficiency collection, predominantly the concentration of dust in the cyclone (mg/Nm3), the particle size distribution (PSD), the real density of the particles and, naturally, the objective in terms of emissions after the cyclones.
Efficiency will depend on those parameters and on the chosen Hurricane line of cyclones.
ACS has experience in several air caption and dedusting applications, including vegetable coal discharge dedusting (MVD = 80µm; µ=99.4%) or laser cutting of resigned papers (MVD = 5.5µm; µ=94%), among others.
  • Very high efficiencies: down to 10-20 % of the emissions of other high efficiency cyclones;
  • Custom designs (single or parallel arrangement)
  • Low pressure drop: [100 - 150]mm w.g.
  • No temperature restrictions
  • Robust construction with no moving parts
  • Near zero maintenance and downtime costs
  • Very low operating costs
  • Pre-assembled modular system with very easy and fast installation. Batteries of 2, 4, 6 or 8 cyclones are shipped pre-assembled in a supporting structure with or without thermal insulation.
  • Low investment cost
1. Air and Dust from Dryer or Boiler
2. Hurricane Cyclone
3. Valve
4. Collected Particles
5. Clean Air
Air Caption & Dedusting

Several industries face problems from dust released during product transportation or processing. This is the case of the Textile, Wood Processing, Mining, Ink Manufacturing and other industries

Frequently, in order to maintain an appropriate level of particles suspended in the air (usually measured in Parts per Million by Volume), dust is extracted with air in strategically positioned caption points and typically recovered in cyclones or in bag filters.

When filters have to be used to increase capture efficiency, operating problems may arise, usually due to condensation and particle aggressiveness. 

Among other common demands from clients, the easy cleaning of the deduster is important when there is rotation of powders processed and the need to recover them.

Clients' needs include an efficient dust aspiration with an efficient and easy cleaning collector, acquirable for a reasonable price, while presenting low maintenance and operating costs. 

Air Caption & Dedusting
Air Caption & Dedusting
Air Caption & Dedusting
Air Caption & Dedusting
Air Caption and Dedusting | General Arrangement

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